Our four-legged family member

About 11 years ago, having just gotten married and moved into our first townhouse, and way before we were even contemplating starting a family (a human family that is!), my hubby and I decided that it was time to add some four-legged friends to our home. After visiting our local SPCA, we headed home with our pigeon pair - Roxy (a mix between a Jack Russell and Staffie) and Skinno (a pavement special kitty).

Sadly, Skinno passed away just before Caitlyn (our first born) arrived, but Roxy is still going strong and she's seen us through many, many years.

Roxy is no ordinary dog - although I'm sure most folk who have animals think the same of theirs. From the moment we bought her home, she's bounced off the walls (literally). I remember how excited she got when Caitlyn came home from the hospital - she drove the neighbours mad as she barked and growled at every passerby (I'm sure she was merely letting them know that she had a new addition to take care of). And in true doggie style, she has fiercely protected her family ever since.

Every now and then I notice just how old she's getting. The hair around her nose has greyed a little and when I let her in at night to sleep on the couch, she's a little slower at getting up onto it. She is so engrained in our lives that I dread the day she is no longer with us.

I'm sure most you have a pet that has become a part of your family and this is why we are so excited about our 'Kids and their pets' competition we have running until 15 August 2011. Be sure to read all the entry details on page 12 - we are looking forward to your photos.

Also in this issue, we explore prenatal vitamins (page 10), the dreaded post nasal drip (page 15) and the games children play (page 17). Make sure your entry is in for our Mount Grace competition as entries close this month and check out the charities featured on the MySchool pages 18 and 19.

Till next month, keep warm...